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During COVID-19 work from home was the time to rethink and re-energize ourselves. I found this time very important to focus on my habits and routines. There are some natural ways in which you can always change your lifestyle.

“A person is a man of habits, so if you learned a bad habit, you can replace it with a new good habit”.

There is no issue in changing your life for the better. I am sure these are my rituals which will help you in uplifting the game.

4 Morning Rituals

Drink water first thing in the morning:

Your body is made up of 72% of water, meaning it is indispensable with water intake. You need a certain amount of water to survive and to function well. Drinking water in the morning is a healthy habit. Water helps your bodily systems function properly every day. The cardiovascular system needs it to oxygenate the blood and distribute it throughout the body parts. Digestion and urinary system, it requires lots of water to break down glucose in the food and to disintegrate the glucose and nutrients from uric acid and urea. Many hormones work upon the increase and decrease in the level of water content.

The stress and the lifestyle habits make you prone to many issues like acne, decreased bone strength, increased rate of aging, heart rate increment, skin damage, hair follicular loss, decrease in eyesight.

So to change your lifestyle into a better one, the first tip would be to drink at least 2 glasses of lukewarm water. Water in its lukewarm state will happen to reactivate the systems in your body, and it will be like a reboot early morning. It makes you active and alert in the mind, and it also makes your skin glow naturally. Water with lemon or ginger and honey is a source of antioxidants and micronutrients, which will help your senses and muscular system become much stronger and make your metabolism work faster, hence a quick and easy weight loss regime.


Meditation is another form of rebooting your body for better physical and mental health. Meditation is a process in which you take deep breaths and make yourself more competent and biologically destress for the better. Meditation is best done in the early morning because it makes your mind much clearer and goal-directed. By the time you are done with meditation, you will feel like everything is under control and you can take over the day with lots of energy. Meditation is a great way to destress and to decrease the chance of getting depressed or anxious.

When you are meditating, the body gets so much oxygenated blood and that is when stress hormone is inactivated, hence no chance of getting anxious. As the blood goes into your brain, it makes sure that there are no negative thoughts left and makes you focus only on optimistic and productive goals for the day. This leads to the regulation of emotions and thoughts, not only that; you will feel so much happier after meditating. Meditation also helps you to know yourself much better, for instance, you will feel confident after having control over actions and over your goals and targets.

A great tip would be to limit your digital usage, and there are a lot of applications you can try. One of the efficient apps is the Calm app for better sleeping patterns and meditation sessions. It not only organizes your meditation sessions, it tells you about different ways you can enhance your mental health through meditation and become much more self-aware and creative with meditation.


Yoga means to harness, to join in unity. By doing yoga, we become one with the body, soul, and nature. Yoga has so many benefits physically and mentally. Yoga is a form of exercise which can be done by anyone, you don’t need any technical education. Yoga increases your self-awareness, just like meditation helps us. Yoga with meditation is something of a necessary ritual in the morning. Early mornings are the best time to awaken your mind and body through the art of Yoga.

Yoga has many asanas, which are from beginner’s level to advanced and core status. You can incorporate yoga in your morning routine and see for yourself, how much better you feel after doing it. Yoga in the morning gives you a widen perspective over the things that are troubling you and the things which you want to accomplish. Yoga has so many physiological benefits, such as stabilizes your blood circulation and the muscular system. Your bone structure is strengthened and all the body parts are much in sync. Your flexibility and core strength will increase with Yoga asanas. If there is any muscular ailment like back pain, neck ache, shoulder pain, etc.; then there are different yoga asanas that will adhere to these situations. There are yoga asanas which will strengthen your spine and back, abdominal region, your lower body, and forearms.

Trekking or running around natural habitat:

Trekking or hiking in the mountain ranges is one of the most adventurous and effective ways to destress oneself. Trekking not only gives you a breath of fresh air and pump up blood in a stabilized manner, but it also makes your mental health so much better. When you are overburdened with work and personal responsibilities, you need to vent out your stress in a positive manner.

You can relieve the stress by going for a trek/hike or run for a while in the wilderness at least for a few days in a week. Trekking gives you the edge for a higher level of motivation and the happy hormone is increased while running, so your mind is full of positivity and a goal-directed approach. You will have a higher ability to solve difficulties and actually make out productive and creative methods for your life. Trekking stabilizes the hormones which are responsible for anxiety and negative thoughts. These hormones get reactivated during your sleep, hence when you trek or run even for 30 minutes in the morning, you will get better sleep at night.


These four-morning rituals will surely give you a better lifestyle with increased quality of life and will to achieve your goals. There is always a tomorrow to bring a change in yourself. Make sure to try these simple rituals in your daily routine.

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Originally published at https://www.habitbomb.com on September 20, 2020.

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