Vision in life starts with a visionary mind who can create mental and verbal pictures of desirable future states. Vision in life gives the power to see beyond the barriers and limitations. People confuse vision with sight. Sight deals with the present and near future. Vision in life provides a…

HabitBombMaking a change in your life is not very easy, but it’s not even impossible. The benefits of a healthy lifestyle abandon your old habits, and adopting healthy ones can sometimes be challenging. …

During COVID-19 work from home was the time to rethink and re-energize ourselves. I found this time very important to focus on my habits and routines. There are some natural ways in which you can always change your lifestyle.

“A person is a man of habits, so if you learned…

Every dark cloud has a silver lining and this is your chance to thicken that lining and take charge of your mental health so that you come out of this experience stronger.

Waqas Mushtaq

Co Founder & Managing Director @ Passionate about creating bonds with energetic people.

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